We value feedback

Receiving feedback from our customers or their representatives is something we genuinely value at Life Care. Whether you want to express appreciation for our work or provide constructive feedback on how we can be even better, it all helps us progress towards being a Premier organisation (Life Care's Vision is to become a Premier aged care provider). 

Life Care's Customer Feedback Framework (available in full here and summarised on this page) provides you with a clear and easy-to-follow method to share feedback.

Who can provide feedback?

We welcome feedback from our customers or their family and friends. When feedback is provided by someone other than a customer (e.g. a customer's family member), it can be given on behalf of the customer or related to someone's observation as a visitor or partner in care. Providing feedback could be as easy as speaking with a member of our team - if it's about something we can fix immediately, we'll jump right on it - or you might prefer a more formal approach. Either way, we're here to ensure the experience of providing feedback is straightforward for everyone involved.

Keeping you informed

Of course, making the process easy is just the start. Equally as important is:

  • Understanding what you believe an appropriate outcome looks like
  • Sharing with you what we have done in response to your feedback
  • How we engage with you throughout the process.

That's why we promise to keep you informed at
every stage.

How to provide feedback

​No matter your preference, there's an easy way to provide us with formal feedback. Options include:

  • Completing the form at the bottom of this page
  • Speaking with us in person (you can make a time to talk with one of our managers by calling the relevant service - our phone numbers are available here)
  • Calling us  – click here to find our phone numbers
  • Emailing us – click here to start an email
  • Sending us a letter. Our address can be found here.

What will happen to my feedback?

When formal feedback is provided online, via email or by phone, a Life Care team member will ensure the relevant service manager receives the information as soon as possible, and he or she will acknowledge the receipt of the feedback as soon as possible.

Positive appreciation will be passed on to our team immediately using our team communications application via staff mobiles and our Appreciation Walls (where we share things we appreciate about team members at each site).

If your feedback is about something we need to improve, the manager will acknowledge your feedback when they respond, providing you with a resolution timeframe

and a broad understanding of any next steps that might occur as a result.

He or she will also ask you what resolution or action you seek in response to your feedback.

We will do our best to investigate and respond to your feedback within five (5) business days, resolving the issue where relevant. If we need more time, we will discuss this with you, and an alternative timeframe will be agreed.

If we are unable to resolve the feedback to your satisfaction within 30 days of receipt, your feedback will automatically be escalated to Level 2 and reviewed by our Quality & Clinical Governance Manager.

Escalating a complaint

If we are unable to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, we will support you in escalating the matter through two levels of escalation:

Level 1: Life Care's Quality & Clinical Governance Manager will review your feedback and assist in resolving the matter within an agreed timeframe.

Level 2: If the matter remains unresolved beyond the agreed timeframe, you can seek external assistance through an advocate or make a complaint directly as outlined below:

Escalating to the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission

You can escalate your feedback to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission in the following ways:




Share your feedback today

One of the quickest ways to share your feedback is to complete the form on the right. Your details along with your feedback will be sent to our corporate office, before being forwarded to the most relevant person.

We appreciate your feedback.