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Use of Massage Therapy in Cancer Treatment

Published: 13 Apr 2015

Some Doctors and Oncologists suggest using Oncology Massage Therapy as a complementary therapy to cancer treatment. Considered helpful in decreasing the stress and anxiety associated with cancer, Oncology Massage Therapy is also recommended as a treatment of easing cancer-related pain.

Benefits of Oncology Massage for Cancer Patients

A number of studies have shown that massage may offer these benefits for people coping with cancer:

1) Better quality of life

After receiving one Oncology Massage treatment a week for three consecutive weeks, participants in a 2009 study (all of whom were undergoing breast cancer treatment) reported improvements in quality of life and functioning. Oncology  Massage therapy also appeared to help study members sleep better and lessened the risk of developing Lymphoedema.

2) Anxiety relief

In a 2004 review of 10 studies, researchers determined that the treatment may help improve psychological wellbeing and lessen anxiety among people with cancer.

3) Stronger immune system

Oncology Massage may boost the number of natural killer cells and lymphocytes (both known to play an important role in immune defence) according to a 2004 study. After receiving massages three times a week for five weeks, the study members also experienced a decrease in anxiety, depression, and hostility, as well as an increase in levels of dopamine and serotonin (two mood-regulating brain chemicals).

4) Less pain

In a 2002 study of 41 people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy, Oncology Massage was associated with decreased pain (in addition to less anxiety and better sleep quality).

Oncology Massage can be performed safely by a trained Oncology Massage Therapist at any time during the Cancer journey from diagnoses, throughout all treatments from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, to post treatment and survivorship.