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Years can’t separate Louie and Rozz

Published: 02 Jun 2014


Glenrose Court resident Louie Poole and Lifestyle Assistant, Rozz O’Dea, are 60 years apart in their lifespans.

But that generational distance has not separated a special bond of friendship and an abundant, shared sense of fun.

When Louie was lining up for her 100th birthday on April 28, almost coinciding with Rozz’s 40th two days earlier, they made a pledge to do something together that left those around them dazzled.

It was to dance around a maypole. And did they do it in style!

Louie has been at Glenrose Court since 2012 joining her “little” sister Rae Nottle, a relative youngster at 91, who became a resident two years earlier.

As the century milestone approached for Louie, with plans for family members to attend the birthday party, she and Rozz decided on a particularly memorable celebration.

For the big day, a maypole was fashioned with streamers attached to a flagpole at Glenrose Court.

Family members and friends watched in amazement as Louie and Rozz, joined by her daughter, Ebony, and Seymour College student, Kat, danced with joy.

Seymour College students regularly visit Glenrose Court to spend time with residents with wonderful educational outcomes that bridge generations joining past and present through conversation and shared activities.