Nursing in aged care is some of the most rewarding and meaningful work a nurse can do. But for it to work, you've got to belong to the right team.

 At Life Care, you'll find yourself surrounded by something we think is quite rare - a team whose culture is based on shared values and having each other's back. This culture enables our nurses to meet the challenge of working in aged care, and feel they're part of something meaningful every day. If that sounds like your cup of tea, keep reading.

A sense of belonging

One thing our nurses say they love about working with Life Care is the sense of belonging they share with their team. They say this comes from working with people who share the same values, where there's equality and people are aligned with the goal of helping people Live Every Day. (That's a phrase you'll hear a lot at Life Care - it just means that we're all about enabling people to live well, whatever that means to them, every day.)

No politics. Just pride.

When you work with people who are there for the right reason, politics suddenly becomes a non-issue. Instead, everyone is focused on what's actually important. Our nurses say there's genuine respect across all roles at Life Care; everyone is equal and everyone pitches in. It creates a sense of pride - that you're part of a great team doing important work.

What you need, when you need it.

Nothing gets in the way of doing great work quicker than not having the right supplies. While for some it may seem like a trivial thing, our nurses tell us that having the supplies and equipment they need, when they need it makes a huge difference. Life Care is a not for profit that's financially sound, so there's no scrimping on supplies to hit profit targets.

What we look for in our nurses

To join our amazing team, you'll need the obvious things like experience in aged care. But we'll also want to see a few things that are just as important:

  • You can be fully present to people
  • You love opportunities to learn and grow
  • You can have fun at work
  • You're good at making someone's day
  • You bring a great attitude to work every day.

Register your interest

If you'd like to register your interest in joining our team as a nurse, just complete the following Register Interest form and we'll be in touch.