About Life Summer 2014-15

Benefits of Massage

Published: 05 Dec 2014

There are tremendous benefits to be achieved through regular massage therapy. 

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A New Chapter In Tom's Life

Published: 01 Dec 2014

At the age of 79, Dr Tom has added a new chapter to his amazing life story with an autobiography entitled Dr Tom! Who Do You Think You Are?

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InterActive Summer 2014/15

SAHMRI Windows Project

Published: 20 Nov 2014

Life Care has chosen to support a major community-based campaign being run by the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI).

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Pilates defined

Published: 20 Nov 2014

Do you know we offer three different types of Pilates? Each one is slightly different and may suit individuals with different needs.

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A breakfast to celebrate the Bedtime to Breakfast project

Published: 03 Nov 2014

​AACQA State Manager, Nancy Morelli, presented the Better Practice Award to the Bedtime to Breakfast project team.

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Life Care Intergenerational Days

Published: 16 Oct 2014







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Big winner in promoting natural sleep patterns

Published: 23 Sep 2014

The Bedtime to Breakfast initiative at Life Care’s Aldinga Beach Court is a winner in the health and personal care category of the Aged Care Quality Agency’s 2014 Better Practice Awards.

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